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Marizyme, Inc. is a multi-technology biomedical company dedicated to the accelerated development and commercialization of medical technologies that improve patient health outcomes.

DuraGraft’s unique advantages have the potential to establish a new standard of care for the 400,000+ coronary bypass surgeries performed in the US each year. Ask your doctor how DuraGraft could optimize your outcome! Traditional methods like saline only keep #CABG grafts wet during surgery. DuraGraft goes further – protecting grafts at a cellular level to maintain prevent/reduce oxidative damage and maintain viability and structural and functional integrity of graft. Also, saline is only NaCl ions and contains no antioxidants, is not physiological pH, and not ionically balanced. Don’t settle for just saline!

Diabetics undergo 40% of #CABG surgeries but have far higher complication rates following graft failure. DuraGraft specifically shields their delicate grafts from oxidative damage during bypass procedures.

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DuraGraft Vascular Conduit Solution has been cleared for use by the FDA. DuraGraft is a solution indicated for adult patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgeries and is intended for flushing and storage of the saphenous vein grafts from harvesting through grafting for up to 4 hours.

DuraGraft has been studied extensively in clinical studies including imaging studies. These studies show that saphenous vein grafts treated with DuraGraft have reduced graft wall thickening compared to standard-of-care, saline treated grafts at 12 months post-CABG surgery. DuraGraft use is also associated with reduced long-term mortality through three years post-CABG surgery.

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